Boxes – Express Installation for Debian


Here comes another report about my google summer of code project. If you want to know more about the project you can read this [0] and this [1] blog post.

This post will only shortly cover the progress of the project. In short: everything goes according to plan right now.


This covers all points of the “Whats Next -> For Boxes” section from my last [1] blog post.

My local Boxes version is now fully capable of injecting preseed files into an initrd image for an automated installation [2].

I wrote an express installation script for libosinfo. This is tested with debian 7 and does work quite well. The very same express installation script seems to work quite well for the ubuntu alternate ISO. There are some adjustments needed to get a GUI there but the difficult things remain. I assume that it will be similar with Linux MINT and other debian based distributions.

Cleaned up patches for those achievements are available on my local system and will be uploaded to the bugtrackers/mailing lists soon. (I already uploaded the Boxes patches here [3])

The libarchive bug [4] I mentioned in [1] seems to just about unhandled hardlinks. I filed bugs for gnomes file-roller and KDEs Ark which are affected too. A fix for my wrapper will probably not come in the next two months since this seems to be a rather complex matter [5]. Nevertheless a reduction of runtime dependencies is possible; see [6] for more information.









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