GSOC with Boxes: Status Update


Here comes another report about my google summer of code project. If you want to know more about the project you can read this blog post.

In the last week I worked a bit on the express installation part of the project but mainly on the ISO downloading.


Express Installation

I am happy to announce that the express installation does now work for Debian (assuming you have an internet connection) and Ubuntu (alternate ISO only at the moment since live media are not supported in general for express installation right now). This is not yet in git master, patches relating to this are currently in review, some cleanup and those things are still to do.

However, the main difficulties for all debian distributions are done.

ISO Downloading

After reading a lot of code in Boxes I started hacking around in the wizard. The result for now is a working implementation of the first iteration of ISO downloading. I now can:

  1. Enter an HTTP URL in the URL field.
  2. Click on continue and watch the download progress locally.
  3. Click on create to get my VM after the download finishes.

(Be aware that this is no nice patch that is ready to be committed but rather a prototype.)

Libarchive Wrapper

After some more discussion and research about the hardlinks I implemented hardlink support for my libarchive wrapper.

What’s Next

The patches for the express installation will need some reviewing and more corrections.

I will refine the ISO download patches. Furthermore I plan to add the possibility to enter express installation data before the download finishes.

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