Boxes – The Hardening Sprint!


This is a short status report for my GSoC project. You can read more here [0].


Hardening Sprint

When I proposed my GSoC project I also had bugfixing in mind. However until now I mainly focused on express installation and ISO downloading. This changed in the last two weeks: while I iterated my own patches with my mentor I had the chance to review some patches of other persons than me, especially Kekun’s [1] code refactoring patches [2]. I am very happy to be able to help shaping these patches since I think they are an important step forward considering the software architecture of Boxes. (The maintainer of the project without sin may throw the first stone.)

While reviewing is a very interesting experience it is very time consuming. Keeping the original title on the GSoC proposals page in mind (“Make it perfect”) I think we’re trying to do that at least with the patches. 🙂

Express Installation

In addition to my extensive work on the bugtracker I finally was able to download some of my Windows images for testing the Windows express installation for Vista and 8.1. (This is a small sentence but a big task: downloading Windows images is not as easy as one might think thanks to a Windows-only downloader which is basically a window with an internet explorer frame in it…) The express installation for Windows Vista seems to work almost like it should right now so I expect only minor changes. I have some problems with the Volume ID descriptor of the Windows 8.1 ISO but expect these to be solvable soon.

There was no progress concerning the live media express installation.

I also baked a small OpenSUSE installation script and was able to execute it when doing an initrd injection introduced by my patches relating to the debian express installation. (Currently in review.) I am fighting some weird occurrences on this right now.


I am happy to announce that I will be able to do a lightning talk about my project on GUADEC. I see forward to meet many people there!





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