GUADEC Preparations

As I announced in previous blogposts, I will attend to GUADEC 2014. I see forward to meet so many gnomies and remeet some I got to know in Berlin. Here some information about my personal, little, efforts to make GUADEC a success.

Consistent Slides for GUADEC 2014

After I reveived the notification containing details about how to prepare my lightning talk I wondered why there is no slide design for GUADEC 2014. After some conversation with Marina Zhurakhinskaya I created some master slides specifically intended for use in GUADEC 2014.(And even got them reviewed by her, thanks for that!) I uploaded the master slides with some example contents for GSoC lightning talks here:

Maybe we can make our presentations a bit more consistent with that, maybe it saves some work for someone. Feel free to use, modify, … them for any purpose you want.


In the last month I got a bit interested in accessibility. In the last days I have made contact with some blind users and hope I can gain some information about how they use or would like to use a PC. In addition I’m trying to organize a discussion about how we can improve navigation without pointer devices in general on GUADEC. If you need more info about that or want to join, take a look at:


There is no visible progress since the last blog post from my project. I worked on many things, especially:

  • Patch reviewing
  • Bug filing/triaging
  • GUADEC related things mentioned above plus the usual preparations you do when giving even a short talk on your first open source conference

Im going to GUADEC

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