Call For Translators: coala!

What is coala?

coala is a code analysis framework designed to ease the task of static code analysis for both users and developers. In the last months the coala community has been growing more and more active so we’re able to get even better code out to the world of free software. Please take a look at for more information about the project.

What is this about?

coala needs your help! We want coala to be available to everyone. For that we have made it translatable.

Since very recently we have set up a web UI for translators on the zanata platform. If you’re interesting in helping coala (and other free software projects) you can help us on

If you’re new and want to get started on translating for open source projects, read or get in touch with me via comments. I’d be happy to help anyone out! No git knowledge is required – just login and translate.

Zanata is not restricted to the coala project but holds many other opportunities for you to support your favorite software.

(Note: The strings on the zanata platform are always up to date thanks to our continuous integration infrastructure.)

I want this too!

If you want an auto-updating translation system, just read !

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