coala wombat

Hi everyone!

We proudly announce the new release of your favorite code analysis framework coala: coala 0.2 – wombat.

Here are some of the major new features:

  • We have now a dbus-interface: `coala-dbus` fires up an API external applications can use.
  • We have a JSON export for all results and log messages.
  • A sublime plugin (
  • A few new analysis routines: a unique code clone detection able to detect more than just simple copied code for C, PyLint integration as well as spell and grammar checking via LanguageTool.
  • Windows and Mac support.

With 1001 commits since the last release, there’s of course a lot more to see! Take a look at our release notes for more information.

The release can be found here:
– On GitHub (including our awesome ASCII release logo):
– On pypi:

Thanks to everyone who helped with this release! Special thanks to our new Maintainer Mischa Kr├╝ger and our GSoC Students Abdeali Kothari (who has done the sublime plugin for fun) as well as Udayan Tandon (who is constantly updating you with tutorials on doing cool GTK stuff on

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