ownCloud Conference

Hi everyone,

on September 1st and 2nd I will be able to attend the ownCloud conference in Berlin. Top point on the agenda is the collaboration of ownCloud and GNOME in the next Google Summer of Code as I’m a GSoC administrator for GNOME.

If you’re interested and also attending, please drop me a mail to lasse.schuirmann@gmail.com .

As a daily ownCloud user and GNOME developer I’m very excited about attending this conference and strengthening the bond between ownCloud and GNOME – the ability to share great things and build on what others have built is the greatest thing of free software and it is the most important property that drives progress.

Many thanks to the ownCloud travel support programm for giving me the financial help needed to attend this conference and to Jan-Christoph Borchardt for actively reaching out to us.

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