Babel renewed – again.

The python Babel package [1] provides tools to internationalize python applications. Before it reached 1.0 it had a change of maintainership and recently the repository got stale. Recently I took over maintainership of the module together with Erick Wilder and Isaac Jurado – I’m happy to say that we finally are getting through all the old PRs and I already have started getting an overview over existent issues and added continuous integration services to automatically decline PRs that don’t comply to our quality guidelines.

This blog post is a short heads up for a few facts:

  1. Babel is maintained again! If you want to contribute you can be assured now that your contributions are valued again! We can’t promise you a service level agreement but with a good probability every incoming bug or PR will be at least scheduled for review within hours of submission.
  2. We still don’t have enough manpower to handle everything well – if you’re using Babel or are otherwise interested in internationalization, we would appreciate you helping us with a short bugfix as it pleases you!
  3. Babel moved to an own GitHub organization [2], if you’re developing a Babel based extension for something, you may consider joining forces with us.
  4. Most importantly, I had the pleasure of releasing Babel 2.1.1 today. Many thanks to all the contributors who made the day of all our users!



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  3. Great post by the way

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