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Hi everybody!

I’m pleased to announce the third alpha release (platypus!) of the coala project – because free developer tools matter. It has been a long time since the last release but it paid off: while until now, coala was merely a nice little framework with no actual use during software development, it has matured a lot and gained analysis functionality for a lot of languages.

Although coala’s primary purpose is to make the creation of analysis routines easy, we have taken an effort to include functionality of other open source linters into it. coala can automatically fix the indentation of your Octave files, sort and correct Python imports or add the missing dereferenciation operator to your C++ code (greetings from Clang!) – the list is growing every week. Try running coala with the -A argument to see what we’ve got!

We also took an effort to round up our general features: you can now easily ignore certain files or regions within them – with actually readable code:

# Start ignoring PyImportSortBear, because those imports rely on sys.path
sys.path.insert(0, ".")
from somewhere import something
from somewhere.else import something
# Stop ignoring

We have also added the opportunity to automatically apply patches delivered from specific bears – if you want to let coala clean your whole codebase without having to acknowledge each patch on its own.

Want to know more? Visit and most importantly drop us a note on our Gitter channel at

Want to help? Visit us on our Gitter channel as well! It’s dead easy to integrate a new linter with coala and if you want to write own analysis routines (e.g. for a thesis) without having to care about the other stuff you’ve come to the right place.

Many thanks go especially to Mischa Krüger, Abdeali Kothari and Fabian Neuschmidt for helping me driving this freetime project forward!

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