Babel 2.2 Released

Good evening everybody!

Today I have the pleasure to announce the release of Babel 2.2 – everybody’s favourite python internationalization library.

This release features new data from CLDR 28, official support for Python 3.5 (that was about time…), bugfixes, performance improvements and a lot of other features. You can read up on all changes at

I am especially happy to tell, that Aarni Koskela joined the Babel developers. He helped us reviewing PRs and created quite an impressive amount of code himself. This helped tremendously in giving life back to Babel and bringing this release to you. (It is no secret that we others have the problem of coming up with enough time to maintain the Babel project the way we’d love to.)

Our community is small – but it gets stronger every day: the lost child get’s a new family. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to Babel!


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