Getting Out!

TLDR: I quit my job. I’m freelancing. And I’m founding an IT startup. I’m enjoying my freetime writing even more free software, especially coala. Want to get some free software related IT work done? Check out!

Hi all! I finally did it – I’m not writing proprietary software anymore. I quit my job when I was offered to work as a freelancer for my university. I’m also seeking out to help new and other customers with my service. It’s new, it’s exciting and rewarding and I can choose to largely do free software projects. My customers seem to be happy as well so far which is a pleasure to see!

A big influence towards this development of my life was the Google Summer of Code and my mentor Zeeshan who taught me a lot about proper code reviews, embracing the art of good commit messages and thus laid out the path for my passion for free software and software development tools/workflows.

An important side effect – and probably a main reason – is that I can dedicate a lot more time to the coala project. This is totally needed: in the past weeks we have had lots and lots of new contributors and I hate it not being able to properly mentor newcomers – quitting my job is a good fix for this problem. It totally pays off – I’m forced to tweet more than daily about some groundbreaking changes done by those awesome people who join us daily – and those are just the changes that affect the user.

Also I can dedicate some time to my little side-hopefully-startup-project to give the world some more fully free software developer tools.

Let’s conclude with a bit of advertisement – if you need one of the following:

  • A workshop or help to improve your software development workflow.
  • Custom made high quality software, ideally free as in freedom.
  • Open source project maintenance.

Viper Development might be able to help you. (Though I have not yet found the time to actually rework the website properly, sorry for that.)


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