GSoC is Coming Again

Dear maintainers and developers of GNOME projects,

Google will be sponsoring another round of scholarships for students working on open source projects. We want you to be a mentor so your project can gain new features and long term contributors!

What do I have to do?

You have to come up with a project that a newcomer can solve within three months of intensive full time coding. Even if you’re unsure about the project it doesn’t do any harm to write it down. In order to get accepted we need lots of ideas at

What are my responsibilities?

We want you to be available before the GSoC starts to introduce newcomers to your project – one or several of them might be your student(s) later. You can treat them as any other newcomer.

During the application phase we will need your help to decide which student is the best one for your and other projects.

As soon as the GSoC starts we want you to be available to the student, review his code and make sure he sticks to the schedule he worked out. There will be evaluations to filled out in time but be assured – they won’t take that long.

What do I get from it?

If you’re doing a good job your student will turn into a long term contributor supporting you and your project. The GNOME community would not be the same without this program – let’s use this chance!

Where can I get more info?

The mail announcement is available at, there’s lots of wiki pages. Alternatively you can just drop in at #soc on GNOME IRC or send us ( an email!

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