GSoC 2016 at coala

Hi again with another GSoC post – this time about coala. (

This post is for people generally interested in coala.

coala participates in this GSoC under the PSF umbrella. This year we got a stunning number of 8 GSoC projects just working with us.

So let me give you a short overview what all will happen this summer:

  • Our collection of analysis routines will be decentralized further so you can finally analyze your java code without having to pull all other analysis routines!
  • coala will provide an interface that makes it easy to write routines in other programming languages than python.
  • Multiple people will work on some generic algorithms for documentation correction, spacing correction et cetera that will work generically with just a few lines of language definition.
  • A number of improvements to our linter wrapper simplification and coala in general.
  • A polished coala html output as well as a new website.
  • Some work on our editor plugins.

I’m thrilled about working with every single one of those students and our mentors do feel the same. Those students are the best. We had to reject many other students who would have deserved a slot from my previous experiences as a GSoC administrator because of our limited mentor capabilities. :/ If you’re one of the rejected students, you will know that we’d be more than happy to continue working and learning with you!

We plan to get almost most community members, especially including mentors and students, together at europython (with some stunning financial help from the conference itself!) so if you’re around there you can meet us all!

If you want to be kept up to date about coala, check out our planet:

or subscribe to our rolling development release notes:

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