GSoC 2016 is Starting at GNOME

Dear GSoC Students, dear GNOME community – and especially dear rejected students,

Google Summer of Code 2016 is starting. GNOME has accepted 21 students – we are thrilled to work with you people!

For the accepted students, it’s time to get bonded with your mentors, get started on your topics and be welcomed by our community.

For us, the community, it’s time to welcome you warmly. We love you being with us and we’re happy to learn with you together!

And then there’s the students who got a rejection email for this years Google Summer of Code. We all know, that only a limited number of students can be funded. It’s not easy to get a GSoC. Not getting it doesn’t mean that we don’t want to work with you! If you are rejected and are still interested in working with us, we are too! I am recommending the following steps for you:

  • Ask your mentor politely why you weren’t selected – getting better works only iteratively! You’ve put work into your application and we’ve put work into evaluating it – let’s not waste either of this!
  • Stay curious and open!
  • Apply again!

I wish everybody a fun summer – and a warm welcome to all who want to join us, GSoC student or not.



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