I’m going to GUADEC!

Hey people – I will be coming to GUADEC!

I am exited to be a speaker this time. So this will happen:

  • We will have a workshop about contributing to open source – this is for you! For all the newcomers struggling to get started.
  • I will be able to hold a talk about how to grow an open source community – I have spent a lot of time on this one an people started asking me questions about it.
  • We will have the awesome GSoC lightning talks! The admin team is already working with the students to get you an interesting session about the latest news from our GSoC students – and possibly the first time they’re on stage!
  • If nobody keeps me from it, I will attempt explaining coala again and what happened to it since the last GUADEC. There has been lots of changes, companies and OS projects started using it productively and I would *love* to work together with you to improve code quality in GNOME.

Many thanks to the GNOME foundation for providing travel as well as accommodation to me! I see forward to meeting you people again!


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