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Hi people!

I’ve tried something new: some geniuses from the coala community (Justus and Max) came up with the idea of having some remote workshops. Here a few thoughts on that and why you might want to consider making such things for your community as well!

Here is a recording of the second workshop that happened:

So what went well and what didn’t?

  • We did have some technical difficulties!
    • OBS was awesome as a screenrecorder.
    • Browser based VoiP apps seem to only allow screen sharing per window which is confusing when using multiple desktops for seamless presentations.
    • Some participants had bad microphones or difficulties joining.
  • The recording seems pretty sane! I interrupted it during exercises and uploaded each part as a single video. It seems to make sense to me, people can actually do the exercises in the recorded workshop.
  • It’s our remote conference. We don’t have a GUADEC but we can still exchange knowledge and do awesome stuff within our community!
  • As an instructor it’s harder to go through the workshop with the right pace as you can’t see the peoples faces. I seem to rely a lot on that.

Interested to see how our workshops work out as a participant? Join our git workshop on Thursday through

3 responses on “Remote Workshops

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  2. Alexander E. Patrakov

    The “share only one window” limitation is a Firefox quirk. Please use Chromium with , or go to which allows to share the whole screen even in Firefox (but won’t allow the others to fullscreen your presentation).

    1. sils1297


      Thanks for the interest!

      I can share the whole screen – but it’s the whole screen. I have three screens and I only want to share one of them. Chrome, Chromium and FF behave very same for me.


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