Hi! I’m Lasse.

I started programming when I was 14 years old. Since then I did various projects like an image processing algorithm, an artificial neural net or my (very small) home-grown kernel. You can find the code for my openly developed projects (which is an increasing number relative to the others) largely on GitHub (https://github.com/sils1297) or GitLab (https://gitlab.com/u/sils).

I was participating in the Google Summer of Code (GSOC) 2014. After doing various projects on my own I searched for an opportunity to get involved in some bigger projects. The GSOC was a great opportunity for this. You can read more about my GSOC project in many early posts on this blog.

Right now I’m concentrating my efforts on coala (https://github.com/coala-analyzer/coala) to help developers build better code. I founded the free software consultancy Viper Development (http://viperdev.io/), and am raising GitMate (http://gitmate.com/) in my quest to improve developer tooling through free (as in freedom) software.


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